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The Breakthrough HQ Club is a creative expression program based on re-interpretations of current, popular songs, mash-ups, improvisation and songwriting.

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Have an audition or performance you need to prepare for? Or, want to build your vocal capacity? Sign-up for individual coaching sessions.



Breakthrough Studio HQ offers vocal, dance, and musical theater classes.

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Artistic Development

Small socially distant performing groups for all ages. We will work with groups of children by request or your child can join one of our already working pods

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performance skills

Sessions available for individual live performance coaching.

                                       that in many ways, the development of the artist is equivalent to the student's personal development. Whatever the end goal might be, the work the student does along the way adds to their growth and character. That’s true whether the next level is becoming a more compelling performer or landing a record deal. We value authenticity and each child's unique perspective and creative voice. Breakthrough HQ is a safe space for students to articulate themselves artistically, express who they are, and discover who they want to become.


To support artists at all levels, we offer a variety of opportunities, from one-on-one private lessons to group classes, to live performance clubs.


Artistic Development Features:

  • Goal setting

  • Creative expression

  • Performance coaching

  • Songwriting

  • Vocal skills

  • Guitar skills

  • Show development

  • Stage performance skills

We believe...

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