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Breakthrough Studio HQ

offers opportunities for children and teens,

beginning to advanced, to have fun and take

part in a variety of musical camps

throughout the year.

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Please contact us for our COVID-19 Spring 2021 Update

Performing in a musical is an experience that young children will remember for the rest of their lives and brings many great benefits:

  • Active Participation in the Arts: Participating in the arts provides young people with a chance to explore their creativity and imagination in a structured and safe environment. Musical theater is specifically remarkable because it is the only art form that combines all areas of the fine arts: acting, singing, dancing, and visual arts.

  • Improving Literacy Skills: From reading scripts to memorizing lines to learning to tell a story, young people will have the opportunity to improve their literacy skills while rehearsing and performing in a musical.

  • Becoming a Confident Public Speaker: It takes a lot to stand up and sing or dance in front of your family, peers, and what may seem like the entire community. Experience with public speaking at a young age provides students opportunities to gain confidence and poise before a large group; skills that may be important for their future.

  • Gaining Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills: Putting on a musical is a group effort and every member of the cast and crew must work together to make it happen. Throughout the rehearsal process, students will have the opportunity to brainstorm and solve challenges as they arise. Students may build trust and dependency on both themselves and their peers.

  • Responsibility and Organization: Students will be responsible for attending rehearsals, memorizing lines and songs, and retaining information regarding blocking, staging, and performing.

We hope you join us for

one of our many musical opportunities throughout the year.

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